Christ Episcopal Church reaches out to the community of downtown Binghamton and beyond from its ideal location at Water and Henry Streets.

Our Outreach Team engages with the surrounding neighborhood and service organizations to step up where we are needed.
Our CHOW food pantry, coordinated with the Broome County Council of Churches, has served people for a number of years. Our CHOW pantry is open the last two week of the month (see schedule under CHOW and calendar).
The Pantry is set up as a small store, and client customers shop with the guidance of volunteers. We supplement our CHOW pantry with more food supplies, including meats and personal products better to serve those who come to us. We welcome volunteers to serve clients, receive products and stock the pantry, shop, and do paperwork.
Katie’s Clothing Closet provides clothing and other goods free of charge. We supply children, women and men. The closet is set up as a store, and our volunteers know the stock and help people select items. Katie’s closet is open the last two weeks of the month, including Saturday morning.
Katie’s closet is named for late Parishioner Katie Brundage, who died of an opioid overdose at age 29 on Easter 2016. Katie had a big heart, served others tirelessly, and was earning her Masters in Social Work at the time of her death. She had great taste in clothes as well, and her collection came to our closet and the upgrades to our space were funded in her memory.
Project Warmth: Advent 2016 and well into winter 2017, Christ Episcopal Church provided hand-knitted and crocheted hat, gloves, mittens and scarves for all ages. These wonderful gifts were tied onto our railing outside the main church, and available at all hours and time of need.

We are open to similar projects.