Choral Service/Holy Eucharist


From September through May and every other Sunday in the summer, we celebrate Holy Communion at a Contemplative Service at 8:00 AM.  This is a spoken service following the Book of Common Prayer.  

We hold a Choral Eucharist at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings with our Chancel Choir and occasionally our choristers (children 6-11) or younger children.  We hold Sunday School in the first part of the worship service.

Our worship celebrates the beauty of traditional Anglican worship, sometimes with incense, and fully lives the Church year.  We explore the best of music from all generations and enter worship in the beauty of holiness.

We love getting to know one another and to eat. Fellowship and refreshments following each service.


Evening Prayer/Evensong


Each Wednesday we join in the Anglican tradition of Evening Prayer.  We use the Book of Common Prayer in its beauty as well as Celtic Evening Prayer and sources from around the Anglican Communion.

One Friday a month we hold Evensong led by the Canterbury Choir made up of Binghamton University students and our own choristers (children aged 6-11

From May to September we worship outside Saturdays at 5 p.m. – weather permitting, Mass on the Grass takes place on the church lawn.  This is a more informal service, and animals always are welcome.  We hold Holy Eucharist Sunday morning inside the church at 10:00 AM also.